Homestead Update – Spring 2022

We bought my grandmother’s house last fall. It had not been lived in for 8 years and there were a lot of things that needed done. Over the winter, we worked on getting things all put away from the move, but have tackled no other major projects yet. We will wait for winter, I suppose.

Now that spring has sprung, our attention has turned to the outdoors. We have opened up the driveway and scraped, graded and graveled much of it. Most of the debris we scraped off of the driveway became the base for flower bed mounds. These mounds also act as dog control! We will eventually put in a fence, but for now, these work reasonably well.

As for the back, we got the driveway in order there too. We also built some steps into the bank to make it easier to get from the upper back yard down to the driveway and lower back yard. All the clippings left over from opening the driveway were hauled down back and used as a make-shift border for dog control as well. We scraped out the old “burn/garbage” pit and will turn it into a place to store our tractor, attachments, ATV, plow, trailer, leaf sucker, chipper and any other large outdoor tools.

We’ve chipped paint, built steps, cut brush, laid gravel, trimmed hedges, dug holes, moved tons of dirt & gravel and planted a small jungle of flowers and vegetables. It’s been a busy and rewarding spring time!

Working on this house & yard is a joy. I have memories in every corner of this place. I would like to think my grandparents would be happy with what we’ve done so far.

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